Capture a piece of paradise during the chilly holiday season. Explore decor options for your beach-themed wedding. Bring the relaxing atmosphere of the beach to work with you. With a range of elegant, glass, ornaments to compliment any occasion, Coastal Christmas Designs will help you escape to your coastal paradise.

Coastal Christmas offers a wide variety of beach themed décor:

  • Hand made, glass Christmas Ornaments
  • One of a kind, beach globes
  • Hand made, shell wreaths

Each hand made glass ornament, globe and wreath, contains a selection of tropical seashells, straight from the beach.

Add something unique and beautiful to your desk or Christmas tree and be carried away to the tranquility of the seashore. Whatever the occasion, Coastal Christmas’ online store has a breathtaking selection of natural, coastal ornaments. You can also find us on Etsy!


Featured Products:

Beach Christmas Ornament 50mm
Beach Christmas Ornament 50mm

A delicate glass ornament filled with a hand picked selection of seashells.

$5.99 Add to cart
Beach Christmas Ornament 60mm
Beach Christmas Ornament 60mm

A delicate glass ornament that holds precious items from the beach: beautiful white sand, tropical shells, and tiny starfish.

$8.99 Add to cart
Beach Christmas Ornament 80mm
Beach Christmas Ornament 80mm

A beautiful handcrafted ornament with a variety of beautiful shells.

$16.99 Add to cart

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