Top 11 Things to do by Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Top 11 Things to do by Yourself on Valentine’s Day

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Are you flying solo this Valentine’s day? Here’s a great list of things to do on your own, preferably with a glass of wine.

1. Go Shopping – Online

Beating out Boxing Day and Black Friday, it turns out that the biggest online shopping day in the world is “Singles Day”. Alibaba alone reported over 9 billion dollars in sales. Here’s a great places to start.

2. Spa Time

Mani, Pedi, massage, or the works. Take some time and pamper the one you love the most, yourself.

3. Nerd Out

Love Star Wars (who doesn’t), trying to beat the boss level, or maybe it’s time to dive into those comics. Attack those nerdy hobbies like a level 20 Dark Elf.

4. Try a New Recipe

Preferably a desert. Find a recipe that takes you out of your comfort zone, and attack it head on. Who knows, you might find out that you’re a natural at flans and puff pastry and didn’t even know it

5. Hit up the Local Bookstore or Library.

Books are awesome: they are beautiful, they contain fuel for the imagination, heck they even smell good. Take time to browse through different sections and take a chance and try judging a book by its cover.

6. Challenge your Brain with a Puzzle.

Sudoku, Crossword, Origami, Jigsaw, Word Search, Solitaire, Rubik’s cube, Sokoban, Connect the Dots, Tangram, Spot the Difference, Number Link, Word Scramble, Magic Square, Maze, Soma Cube, Tower of Hanoi.

7. Go to the Aquarium

So you can see for yourself, there are other fish in the sea.

8. Make a Time Capsule.

Your capsule can be made of anything, an old shoebox, a paper towel roll or maybe a glass jar. Make sure to include a clipping from today’s newspaper, as well as a few key selfies and any other goodies that are special to you. Then tape it up tight and write instructions for your future self on when this capsule can be opened. Just don’t hide it too well.

9. Get Politically Informed.

Whatever your reasons for putting it off, it’s about time you got yourself familiar with Politians and Parties both locally and globally. This is a great opportunity to put your democratic freedom to work!

10. Order your favorite food for delivery.

I once ordered so much Chinese food for myself that the delivery guy gave me 3 pairs of chopsticks. But it didn’t matter because I got to choose all of my favorite dishes. Whatever you’re ordering, choose your favorites. Once the food arrives, delve in with reckless abandon.

11. Remind yourself how awesome you are

Take a minute to celebrate some personal successes. Too many times we get so wrapped up that we forget to acknowledge our achievements. This is a great time to set some goals too!